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The story of Troy appears in 'The Iliad', which was a very long poem written by a Greek poet named Homer. It was about the ten-year war between the Greeks and the Trojans. Helen, Queen of Sparta, is taken by a young prince of a near-by land called Paris. She is said to be the most beautiful woman of all Greece. Paris carries her away to his home in the city of Troy, which has high walls that have never fallen in battle. Menelaus, the King of Sparta and Helen's husband brings all the tribes of Greece together and begs for their help to rescue his queen. They are unhappy as they all know how fierce the Trojans can be and fear a long and bloody war. Eventually they agree to fight along side Menelaus and set sail for Troy.

For nine years they throw themselves against the walls of Troy. Both sides suffer great loses and many men die. In the tenth year of the war, Prince Paris kills Achilles, the greatest of the Greek warriors. The Greeks have been warned that they will never beat Troy without Achilles. A meeting is called and many of the kings of Greece ask to put and end to the battle and return home. Menelaus refuses to leave his wife behind.