Clydebank Blitz - the human tragedy:

Glasgow, Greenock, Aberdeen and the coastal burghs of the north east were all bombed during the war, but Clydebank suffered the sad distinction of being the most heavily damaged town in Britain. On 13th March 1941 more than 200 German bombers took off from airfields in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland and France. They converged over Loch Lomond en route to Clydeside. We hear from Kathleen McConnell and Gavin Laird about the horrors of the night of the Clydebank Blitz. Kathleen, aged 12 at the time, lost her mother, her brother and sister during the blitz and herself narrowly escaped being killed. Rescuers nearly had to amputate her leg, to rescue her from the burning rubble of her tenement.